Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jira on Docker, and integration with BitBucket/Github

sudo docker run --detach --publish 8080:8080 cptactionhank/atlassian-jira:latest

http://localhost:8080 but I can't find the DVCS Connector...

and you can also find one here http://localhost:8080/plugins/servlet/upm/marketplace/search?q=github "git integration for Jira" by BigBrassBand

interesting also the Jigit project, by Dmitri Apanasevich

It seems that integration with Stash is more supported.... how to run Stash locally...

sudo docker volume create --name bitbucketVolume
sudo docker run -v bitbucketVolume:/var/atlassian/application-data/bitbucket --name="bitbucket" -d -p 7990:7990 -p 7999:7999 atlassian/bitbucket-server

sudo docker exec -ti bitbucket /bin/bash


To integrate Bitbucket with Jira, in Bitbucket there is a link "Administration/Application Integration".... it pays to use same username/pw for administrator role on both products.

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