Thursday, July 15, 2010

VMWare and Ubuntu

Download image here

login as notroot thoughtpolice
ctrl-alt-del to exit if you are in full screen mode
ctrl-g and ctrl-alt to get or lose focus

to become root:
sudo su
root ubuntu

to add users:
adduser osbuser

More info (copied from their website):

Change default language for the console:

1. Edit /home/USERNAME/.bash_profile
2. Add the line export LANG=de (example given for German)

Change keyboard for the console:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Apply software updates
sudo aptitude update # refresh apt's cache
sudo aptitude upgrade # run the upgrade

Install new software
sudo aptitude update # refresh apt's cache
aptitude search pkgnames # lists all available software containing
aptitude search pkgnames | grep -i WORD # lists all software containing WORD
sudo aptitude install PACKAGE # installs PACKAGE (found from list above)

Where is the GUI?
It's not installed. This is a server installation. If you still want a gui, run:
sudo aptitude install xorg gnome

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