Saturday, September 4, 2010

WebLogic starting in Production Mode instead of Development Mode

I have tried to set to "false" any "production" related flag in the various shell scripts (bin/setDomainEnv,, bin/

The flags are: DOMAIN_PRODUCTION_MODE, PRODUCTION_MODE, -DProductionModeEnabled=false

All in vain, my WebLogic 11g starts in Production mode.

At last, I set the value of production-mode-enabled to false in config/config.xml

This seems to work. The "Production Mode" checkbox on the "Domain" configuration page in WebLogic console becomes unchecked.
The description says:

"Specifies whether all servers in this domain run in production mode. Once enabled, this can only be disabled in the admin server startup command line."

Well, anyway, editing the config.xml works.


Unknown said...

THANKS A MILLION SIR, I tried basically setting all the flags to false too and spent hours reading oracle's pages and still can't make it work in development mode. Your method worked, thank you so much. It's so ridiculous that none of the official oracle pages point to the right solution!

vernetto said...

I have been through the same movie myself... :o)