Sunday, December 5, 2010

Release It !

Luciano has recommended me this book, he says it's full of insight on how to build testable applications.

I have started reading it and I am enjoying every line I read.

This is a great quote from the book:

Your early decisions make the biggest impact on the eventual shape of
your system. The earliest decisions you make can be the hardest ones
to reverse later. These early decisions about the system boundary and
decomposition into subsystems get crystallized into the team structure,
funding allocation, program management structure, and even timesheet
codes. Team assignments are the first draft of the architecture.
It’s a terrible irony that these very early
decisions are also the least informed. This is when your team is most
ignorant of the eventual structure of the software in the beginning, yet
that is when some of the most irrevocable decisions must be made.

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