Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remote monitoring of a Java application with JConsole


and better still here

set these properties:

CAVEAT: on the same machine you could have multiple WLS.
You cannot assign the same jmx port to all of them.
You should prepare an individual script for each managed server,

where you set
export JAVA_OPTIONS=""

and of course use a different port for each WLS.

Something like this:

export JAVA_OPTIONS=""
nohup ./ osb_server1 http://myserver:7001 2>&1 > . ../servers/osb_server1/logs/osb_server1.out &

export JAVA_OPTIONS=""

nohup ./ soa_server1 http://myserver:7001 2>&1 > ../servers/soa_server1/logs/soa_server1.out &

You will need to enable these settings when you want to connect VisualVM with JMX, see here

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Anonymous said...

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How to setup remote debugging in Eclipse