Monday, April 25, 2011

Agile Cowboys

The Cowboy sees Agile as an opportunity to abandon processes and documentation so that they can enjoy the wild west life. Cowboys are the type of folks who are not necessarily negative about Agile because, in many cases, they know that they get away with pretending to be Agile since many folks, particularly the bandwagon crowd who are their up-line management, really have no idea what Agile is. It is the cowboy that has propagated the myth that Agile is an undisciplined approach for wild-west coders. "

I really appreciate this definition. I had to work in a team whose lead was as undisciplined as Billy the Kid, striving on the general ignorance about what "Agile" entails. He would always say "Agile abolishes the need of analysis, through the delivery of quick throwaway code". He lead my team to chaos and exhaustion - before management realized he was just a manipulative Rasputin.

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