Monday, April 4, 2011

ROA: Resource Oriented Architecture

I am reading RESTful Web Services

I am not in love with the book as I find it really verbose, it doesn't really catch my attention.

Anyway at page 216 they refer to ROA. The wikipedia article is very clarifying, the guidelines express the essence of the REST approach.
- stick all what you can in a URI
- documents should contain links (URIs) to related documents
- everything should be stateless

They talk a lot about "REPRESENTATION".
The table "RESTful Web Service HTTP methods" clearly shows what GET PUT POST and DELETE are supposed to do.

a good introduction on REST.

As usual, I keep thinking that all these technologies are simply CRAP, and that CORBA 20 years ago was doing much better than this. If you find a technology good only because anybody can write a URL in a browser and get a result, and you want to base on that your enterprise architecture, then good luck.

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