Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best XML editor

I have used Altova XML Spy, but it's not free
I hear good things about Oxygen - also not free

I have been recommended Komodo Edit

I will start using it from today.

Eclipse XML Buddy plugin is so-and-so

Also Eclipse WTP is

As reported in the comments, a star also for  Liquid XML editor ( )


rangerover said...

have you tried liquid xml editor (, its also not free but the validation and intellisense are pretty good and thre GUI is the cleanest that I have seen

vernetto said...

cool, I have installed Liquid and at first sight it compares favorably with XML Spy - and the price is a lot more accessible!


vernetto said...

wow, the Luiquid XPath Query Builder alone is IMPRESSIVE!

vernetto said...

and the Liquid XQuery editor itself is quite easy, with autocomplete and debugger