Monday, July 18, 2011

BPM and VirtualBox

I am reading the book "Getting Started with Oracle BPM Suite 11gR1"

For the tutorials, they point you to this page:

Download VirtualBox from here
or here

(in my case, VirtualBox-4.0.12-72916-Win.exe)

Download the VB image as shown here

it's a HUGE download, each file is 1GB...

Then download the Sales Quote Demo.

When importing the appliance into VirtualBox, I get VERR_VD_VMDK_INVALID_HEADER vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2-bp1-root.vmdk

Being an idiot, at first I swear against Oracle.... then I check all the MD5 fact the vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-root.vmdk checksum was wrong.... redownload it again.... the second time around it works!

Importing appliance in VBOX takes forever... 37 minutes.... zzzz...

Once started, it gives me an error about the USB controller.... I disable USB and start again.

Virtual Box captures mouse and keyboard, they say that I should use the "host key" = H0JRE CTRL, no clue what this means.... I panic and finally manage to uncapture by hitting every possible combination of keys.

I get a "memory for crash kernel (0x0 to 0x0) not within permissible range"

I discover that I should "enable IO APIC if you want to run a 64-bit guest"

This is really depressing.

I enable the blessed "IO APIC" in the VM options, and restart.
This time it seems to start.

I get this other message:

I think I can survive to this one.

Login as oracle with password as oracle

and.... lo and behold, I am in!

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kumar said...

I downloaded files from oracle for more than 6 times still not able to import. Also I verified downloads with WINMD5Free for MD5 checksums. MD5 checks does not match to these files
SHA1 (vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2-bp1-otn.ovf)= d3ab537113b0032951184c46a98f5ce93b955a8f
SHA1 (vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-root.vmdk)= 84cdd986624e5af2542cb7d046c30ac9cad85583
SHA1 (vbox-oel5u4-soabpm-11gr1ps2bp1-oracle.vmdk)= e73331679806b8d1487251af8201f71f604aeab1
Let me know if you have any information.