Saturday, December 24, 2011

Transport provider with id 'jca' is not registered

(guest post, the author is Chris)

We are using the ant tasks provided by Oracle to build a sbconfig.jar (task exportFromWorkspace).

Everything worked fine using the common osb artifacts. However for projects where we use JCA adapters we get the following errors when we do a build:

[java] com.bea.wli.config.component.ValidationException: Validation of BusinessService BLA : Diagnostics for BusinessService BLA 20-Dec-2011 17:04:54 [java] 20-Dec-2011 17:04:54 [java] ERROR: <0> Transport provider with id 'jca' is not registered. Failed

Some Googling taught me that is related to the 64 bit installation of OEPE, I can confirm this as I have built the same artifacts from the same projects on a 32 bits OEPE using the same scripts and they work.



Rob said...

Was there a workaround for this 64bit problem? I'm running into the same issue on Win 7 64 bit. I installed the WL and OSB 32 bit binaries, but am still getting the error. Any help is appreciated.

vernetto said...

sorry Rob, it was mainly Chris working on this topic, you might try to contact him and good luck...

Unknown said...

I am facing the same issue and I am pointing to 32 bit JDK. Can anyone let me know if their is a resolution achieved on this issue.
Thank You