Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to create and use Custom Document Properties in Word 2007

Create the property:

Clic on the Microsoft Office Button (top left):


( you can acheve the same with Alt-F Alt-E Alt-P)

a Properties ribbon appear under the main ribbon.
Click on the drop down list "Document Properties - Server" and choose advanced properties

Click on the Custom TAB

Enter a property name AND a property value, and click ADD.
I suggest to prefix YOUR custom properties with a prefix, like PV_, to distinguish them from built-in properties.

To insert a property in your document:

right click
edit field
field name=DocProperty and select your property

( this is explained very well here)

TRICK: you can achieve the same by:
then right-click and "update field"

OR use ALT-F9 to display field codes and edit them, then ALT-F9 again to revert to normal mode.

or simply copy/paste an existing field, then right-click and edit field.

For help on Word Field Codes:

My conclusion: Microsoft has done a very poor job when it comes to be able to externalize strings and include them dynamically in the document. I have seen better tools 20 years ago.

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