Monday, January 16, 2012

What a developer thinks about Vaadin

(guest post)
I have interviewed a good friend who has been using Vaadin at his job for 6 months. Here is what he says:


Too be short, it's like any framework trying to do generate everything for you.
Great at the things the demo application does. Not always so great at the things you really want to do.

The plus side is that it is all Java, and thus for the most part extendable.
The down side is that you have to do this a bit too often.

If at our company we were not forced to use a framework built on top of the Vaadin framework, I would say it upped the productivity.
Vaadin gives a lot of freedom. If you're going to build something on top of it, try to retain most of that freedom.
A lesson I'm trying to teach our architects ...

All in all, it's better then the struts world I've been accustomed too. But the holy grail it is not...

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