Thursday, February 21, 2013

Situations in the life of a programmer (part 4)

I have been rolling on the floor laughing with this post, so with the kind permission of its author I will publish an English version (thank you google translate).

The whole series is here:

When that code that I have not tested in development works perfect in production:

When the commercials announce to the developers what they have sold to the customer

When I apply a new CSS for the first time

When the sysadmin finally gives us access to root:

When I launch my script for the first time after several hours of development:

When I go on the weekend while everyone is still trying to fix bugs:

When the boss is looking for someone to correct a difficult and urgent bug :

When the application goes into beta and the first bug reports arrive:

When the new hire proposes to add a new feature to the project:

When asked to lend a hand on a Friday afternoon:

When the boss announces a bonus if the project is completed before the deadline:

When I realize that I have been blocked for two hours for having forgotten a semicolon:

When the project manager jumps on my screen by storm:

When the client tries to click on the wireframes:

When what was running on Friday no longer works on Monday:

When the customer wants to change specifications 2 days before the go live in production

When I have to do a development without specifications

When I deliver a development of a code that has no comments

When I listen to business trying to sell the project to the customer

When the project manager enters the workroom

When my script finally worked

When a colleague tells me that the test "are for those who can not program":

When I am asked to resume the development of an intern::

When I am told that my program has crashed in production

When a bug goes unnoticed during a presentation

When I am asked to do a redesign

When the customer limits himself to describing the error as "does not work"

When I get to replace the 200 lines of the algorithm by only 10 lines:

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