Friday, February 22, 2013

The true story of Israel

I grew up in a very pro-Israel family, my father stuffed my head with the usual Zionist myths:
- Palestine was an unoccupied desert land before the Jews arrived, the Jews created jobs for the Arabs and turned the desert into a garden
- Jews bought all the land they occupy now from the Palestinians, paying a fair price
- all Palestinians are Muslim
- all Jews are direct descendant of former (Roman times) occupants of Palestine, while Palestinians have invaded the land in more recent times
- Arabs are evil and they tried to destroy Israel in 1967 by aggressing Israel without notice, but the heroic Jews prevailed because God was on their side and they were fighting for a just cause
- Jews had been persecuted by Hitler, and they are entitled to a Country (nobody ever explains why they didn't return the the Jews the properties confiscated to them in Europe, rather than confiscating the property of innocent palestinians)
- being anti-Zionist is the same as being antisemitic, which in turn is equivalent to being pro-Nazi
I never questioned those myths, coming from an authority - my father - that I thought unquestionable. Besides, all mainstream info reports more or less the same story.

Digging further into non-mainstream information, I discovered that the truth is DRASTICALLY different. This excellent documentary gives a very detailed account of facts.

PS I am from Jewish descent myself, so please don't call me antisemitic :o)

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