Monday, December 11, 2017

Adam Bien memorable quote about maintainability

For me how I see the JAX-RS movement is the following

no one cares of my clients about JAX-RS Rest or whatever.

What we would to have is to build the application quickly and maintainable

So when is the application maintainable?

In my eyes it’s maintainable in this case if you understand the domain concepts

and you forget the app for 2 years

and after 2 years you return to the project

and you still remember the concepts

you should quickly be able to understand the app, introduce new features, and fix bugs.

When is it possible?

This is only possible in case the domain concepts and the business logic immediately becomes visible to you.

The more it’s obfuscated with strange patterns, the less maintainable your application becomes.

So regardless whether you use Spring Boot, Java EE or whatever, what you should get at the end of the day,

If you know the domain concepts and you look at the URIs, you should be immediately identify what is going on there.

So this is the only quality for which I am interested in implementing JAX RS or Business Services.

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