Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mojarra 2.2.13.SP4 in Wildfly 11 debugging

I get a message "The form component needs to have a UIForm in its ancestry. Suggestion: enclose the necessary components within <h:form> ". After some mucking (basically, exclude stuff and see if it still breaks) I discovered the fix: enclose a p:menubar in a h:form <h:form><p:menubar>

A few things leave me really disappointed: this warning should be issued by Eclipse editor, not runtime... and the warning message should be accompanied by the exact location and identity of the offending element.

And in Mojarra 2.2.13.SP4 (Wildfly 11) there doesn't seem to be any debugging flag to get more information.

RANT ON once more, ui development has made huge steps BACKWARDS in the last 20 years RANT OFF Using Delphi in 1995 I was able to put together a very decent and complex UI in MINUTES - with JSF/HTML/Mojarra/CSS/Bootstrap it takes MONTHS and it's no fun. That's why whenever I have to do a UI I keep it MINIMALISTIC, I hate wasting my time in such poorly engineered products.

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