Friday, January 5, 2018

Gnome hotcorner: most annoying unwanted feature ever

I have moved away from Windows because I was really fed up with Microsoft. Installed Centos with Gnome. To discover that Gnome is even worse!

If by mistake you put the mouse on the screen border, all your open windows stack up and you are forced to click back on a thumbnail to resume work.

And apparently, after 20 minutes googling, there is no easy way to disable this unasked-for, unwanted trollish feature.

Even in Applications/Utilities/Tweak tools I could not find an option to disable this stupid crap.

YAGNI: you will never need this stupid trick, then why enabling it by default? I simply hate UIs overloaded with hidden features..... KEEP IT SIMPLE !

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clarkwebworth said...

Hi, I use lubuntu or Xubuntu. Its Debian based, and the Desktop/Window Manager is LXDE/xfce. If you do not want to Switch from centos Then try the window managers.
I am sure you can find the Source for one of the window Managers Mentioned.