Thursday, January 11, 2018

Itinerary to visit Italy

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Everybody goes to Venice, Florence, Pompei and Rome, so I will not cover them. But there are many more astounding places in Italy.

Disclaimer: I am an archeology bug, so I like mostly ancient ruins. The most amazing places I have seen in Italy are:

Paestum - don't miss the museum with amazing frescoes

Agrigento Temple Valley , greek stuff, awesome

Cerveteri absolutely amazing Etruscan cemetery


Napoli and the islands (Ischia, Capri) and the Vesuvio volcano - beware, Napoli is a bit rough, watch your wallet, same thing in Roma.

Ostia Antica

Bologna with his medieval center and the Towers (no VERY ancient stuff here)

Ravenna the Italian Bisantium

Ferrara rich of middleage history

Verona with its Arena (roman) and medieval center

Siena and its middle age palaces

Assisi magic atmosphere with white houses and churches

Palermo and its main old palaces

I am aware of the beauty of Lucca, Lecce but I was never there.

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