Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Connecting to Derby with Eclipse

I have posted how to connect with NetBeans

With Eclipse:

Windows/Open Perspective/Database Development
Database Connections/New/Derby , name derbyLocal

database location = //localhost:1527/osbexamples;create=true;ServerName=localhost;databaseName=osbexamples

username = DEV_SOAINFRA
password = DEV_SOAINFRA or welcome1

save password

test connection

if you get

java.lang.Exception: Connection failed with unspecified error. at org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.DriverConnectionBase.internalCreateConnection(DriverConnectionBase.java:110)

then you are screwed - what a crappy error message is that, "unspecified error".... this is ridiculous!

you can still use


see here for manual

for help type:

(don' forget the ";" at the end)

I give up. I will just switch to Oracle DB. Screw Derby.

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