Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dependency analysis in a set of OSB Projects

It is very important to keep track of dependencies in a OSB project.

* Who does what
* Who uses what
* Who is used by whom

In a sbconfig.jar, ExportInfo contains all info on the dependencies amongst artifacts, using a list of properties "extrefs"

NB: in order to evaluate these XPaths with XmpSpy/Xml/Evaluate XPath, you might have to tweak the document adding xmlns:imp definition to the root element:

xml-fragment name="" version="v2" xmlns:imp=""

Xpath to retrieve all artifacts:

Xpath to retrieve all artifacts of a given type:

Xpath to retrieve all dependencies of a given artifact:

At this point it's not difficult to write a small HTML Report Writer who formats all this info in a nice way

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