Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weblogic network channel bindings on multihomed servers

I have a cluster myCluster, Unicast,
For every managed server, I have created a Network Channel unicastChannel, supporting a single protocol "cluster-broadcast" (menu server/protocols/channels)

Even if I specify a ListenAddress - giving localhost or as an address, WebLogic creates a ServerConnectionRuntime for each IP bound to my host (including the VMWare and VirtualBox IPs):


This behavior is documented here

"If you use a network channel with a server instance on a multi-homed machine, you must enter a valid Listen Address either in ServerMBean or in the channel. If the channel and ServerMBean Listen Address are blank or specify the localhost address (IP address or 127.*.*.*), the server binds the network channel listen port and SSL listen ports to all available IP addresses on the multi-homed machine."

If I enter "pierrepc" - that it the actual hostname - the binding is limited to 1 IP:

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