Sunday, October 30, 2011

High Availability File Adapter in OSB

While running the FileAdapter (eis/FileAdapter) in a cluster with 2 instances, I get this error

BINDING.JCA-11042 File deletion failed

the full error is

onFatalError: Adapter forced endpoint deactivation due to:
File deletion failed.

here and here and here they report the same story.

OK, we need to use eis/HAFileAdapter and give a controlDir. But we are not having a SOAINFRA DB schema because we installed only OSB.

see High Availability in Inbound Operations here

it is not clear if you have an option to use a file as a coordinator, instead of a DB. What is controlDir for? here the HA FileAdapter documentation

This document is also quite cool, it says:

"Database-based mutex and locks are used to coordinate these operations in a File Adapter clustered topology. Other coordinators are available but Oracle recommends using the Oracle Database."

yet they don't mention the alternatives.... if you use a DB, then it must be a HA DB otherwise a DB failure would mean a File Adapter failure...

see also here for full solution

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