Friday, October 14, 2011

The IPhone sucks

I was a happy owner of a Palm-based phone, the Treo 750.
It was simple, its keyboard was very reliable, its Palm Desktop would mirror exactly the structure on the info in the phone.

The only problem: the screen was too small to read PDFs, and frankly as a MP3 player it was not great.

So I have reluctantly decided to buy me a IPhone 4, since everyone was depicting it as the 8th wonder of the world.

Well, I am really disappointed. The ITunes Desktop franly sucks, it's only aimed at making you buy media and applications, but not to synchronize your info. And it's really unstable, when it synchronizes it freezes completely and sometimes crashes.

Importing contacts into IPhone was a loooooong struggle, and necessarily it had to be done via my GMail account.

The keyboard is pretty useless, after 1 month I still make a lot of typing mistakes (I have big fingers...) and you must all the time jump between numeric and alpha views.

When you are abroad, the Data allowance is measly and they charge you a fortune for extra data.

They replaced my old standard SIM with a new, non standard one, so I can't use it any more on any other phone - so if I run out of batteries I am screwed.

The battery life is 1 day if you forget WiFi on (this is simply obscene), otherwise max 2 days.

Alarms are simply cumbersome and useless, if you are used to the simplicity of the Palm alarms.

Ok you have a Safari browser, but I would use it only in case of emergency.

Maps are definitely good.

The PDF reader is good, but it's pretty much the only good side.

So, all in all, I would never again make choose an IPhone as my main PDA. I still carry my old Palm with me and I am planning to reclaim my old SIM so I can avoid using the IPhone to make-receive calls.

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