Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reply with failure and the JCA Adapter

In a fault handler, we decide to fail the Transaction by using the "Reply with failure" Action.

For HTTP Proxy Services, this returns a HTTP 500 error code to the caller. For JMS, it will set the JMS_BEA_Error to true.

For JCA File Adapter Proxy Services, this mechanism doesn't work. The adapter doesn't receive the information that the Transaction failed (even if I set the Proxy as "Transaction required" and "Same Transaction for Response"). The file is archived and not sent to the Error directory.

The funny thing is that I have enabled all the debug flags for weblogic.jca , plus all the alsbdebug.xml flags... and it shows clearly that the isFailure=true, the message "OSB is rolling back a transaction BEA1-xxxx started by it", YET the AlsbJcaFrameworkAdapter says "successfully sent message to Adapter Framework".

If you want the Transaction to fail, the only way is to "Raise Error" in the Error Handler - or simply don't "Reply" at all.

Probably this (weird) behaviour will be addressed in future. JCA in OSB was introduced recently. IMHO the current behavious quite counter-intuitive.

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