Wednesday, November 2, 2011

XML parsing in Python/Jython/ WLST: lxml , libxml2 and minidom

you have the option of using libxml2

but I read better things about To use lxml you must first install

To determine which version of Python you are running in WLST, do

import sys

for instance with WLS 10.3.5 I get:

(2, 2, 1, 'final', 0)

So the most recent version of libxml2 available for Python 2.2.1 is the 2.6.9:

Anyway lxml requires Python 2.4 as a minimum, so you are screwed. In any case WLST uses Jython, not Python, so again you are screwed unless you install Python.

Alternatively, use minidom which is supported in WLST:

from xml.dom.minidom import parse
dom1 = parse('ALSBCustomizationFile.xml'

dom1 is a xml.dom.minidom.Document

here the javadoc

then you can do:


and you get a NodeList

if you do:

print envValueAssignments[0].__class__

it says
whose javadoc is here

you can also do

print envValueAssignments[0].toxml()

Honestly parsing is very painful using a DOM-based approach.
I would rather use Groovy which has got a much more intuitive semantic approach to xml parsing.

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