Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book: Java performance, the definitive guide

This book is DEFINITELY loaded with information on all aspects of performance-related stuff on:
  • JVM tuning (heap, GC, permgen) 
  • JIT compiler
  • diagnostic tools (vmstat,  jmap, jcmd)
  • MultiThreading issues, Synchronization
  • Tuning JEE 
  • XML parsers
  • JDBC

and it covers also Java 8.

However, don't try to read it front to back, it's definitely HEAVY stuff.
Sadly, it doesn't contain many real life examples and code that one can run to experiment a little.
Personally I learn best when I can actually play with the code and run some tests myself.
This book is definitely not "cookbook" oriented.However, it's definitely worth keeping in your library.

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