Friday, April 4, 2014

Object Oriented Puppet

One of the most shocking aspects of working with Puppet is that it goes to a great length at providing a High Level Interface to Resources, but it provides literally no facility to abstract access to configuration values.

All is a hiera() and Hash/Array manipulation, from which to painfully extract subset of data with totally garbled and complex manipulations of the Hashes, Keys and Values, interspersed with some create_resources() to be able to cycle over a collection of homogeneous resources.

People who come from ANY Object Oriented, functional and fluent-interface programming languages, like Groovy or Java 8,  can only scream in horror in front of the total inelegance, un-refactorability, un-maintainability and lack of encapsulation of the Puppet DSL.

To this, add that YAML is not generally associated to a schema - hence you can't validate that you haven't broken your model somewhere in your hundred of YAML files - on per each host - and you have the mother of all Spaghetti Western Code.

For all these reasons, please Puppet Gods, heed my call, dump that pathetic DSL and adopt some OO language.

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