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The Holocaust, a World Conspiracy against the Jews

I have dedicated almost all my free time in the last one year to study the history of the Holocaust. I have read dozens of books and screened hundreds of interviews of survivors.

Some conclusions that I find basically sure are:

  • Nazism has been internationally engineered with financial weapons of destruction (the Versailles treaty, the high unemployment and devastating inflation of the Weimar republic) and implanted in Germany, with the sole purpose of making Europe implode from within and bring USSR down with it. The winner (USA) takes it all.

  • Hitler built his political success in the 1933-1939 on huge financing from international loans (still looking for actual facts)

  • The annihilation of the Jews was perpetrated by the Germans, but with the complicity of all other countries, who denied any way of escape to them. USA granted only 19K visas per year. All countries signed an agreement to deny any kind of visa to Jews

  • No attempt whatsoever has been done by the Allied to hinder the annihilation process: they could have easily bombed the railways and the camps, they never did. They did bomb some camps, but only in the production areas, never the imprisonment areas - when they did, it was to kill all inmates.  
  • The Brits, when they liberated the camps - like Bergen Belsen - overfed on a mass scale the survivors, bringing them to immediate death. Most survivors died not of malnutrition, but of nutrition inappropriate for their debilitated body. It's hard not to think that this was deliberate, since it happened quite systematically.
  • All political and military leaders, the Red Cross and the Church knew it all, but they turned a blind eye - actually often the Catholic Priests even helped the Nazi identify the Jews

  • Hitler didn't invent anti-semitism: it was deeply rooted in the German population after centuries of Catholic and Protestant propaganda. Hitler merely amplified this feeling.

  • With few rare exceptions (Czech, Italians, Danes, Belgians), local populations widely participated in the looting and killing of Jews

  • Hitler dedicated more energies to the annihilation of the Jews than to the war itself. The destruction of 1 million Hungarian Jews took place when the war was already 100% lost. Was he crazy, or his agenda was dictated from elsewhere? And from where? assuming that Hitler was just a puppet, who was the real Puppet Player, and how could they control so strictly the German politics?

  • The destruction of European Jewry brought more damage than advantage to Germany, because the Jews were mostly very skilled in all sort of arts and trades ("essential workers") and their belongings ended up mostly in private hands, rather than in the State.

  • most Nazi criminals either escaped - with the help of the Church and the Occupying Armies - or went to work for the Allied intelligence. Nuremberg Trials was just a make-believe.

The biggest mystery for me is: excluding that the annihilation of the Jews was dictated by ideological reasons (economy is the real motor or human actions), what larger geopolitical purpose could it serve? Just to manufacture a pretext to occupy Palestine and make a US military basis in the Middle East? To further weaken Europe and make it more dependent on USA? Mmmmm...

Why am I so involved in this research? Because I am sure it will happen all over again, and in a not distant future, and in this same Old Europe.Wait for the Economic Crisis to get worse...maybe Muslims will be the next Jews... who knows what the Economic Masters of this Planet are brewing for us... nothing nice for sure.

dedicated to the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

In the most optimistic vision, the prosecution of the Jews was just a trick to unify the Pure Germans and a means to transfer Jewish wealth to them, in order to increase the Regime's popularity. No wonder most of the Germans would support Hitler. Jews nowadays and for instance the migrants who cross for instance the Sahara (and we know next to nothing about them) and then the Mediterranean sea, and we know a bit more about them: it seems that in the Sicily channel fishermen catch human remains together with fish, but at most media mention the migrants who manage to arrive to Lampedusa.

The migrants are a weapon of mass distraction, the average Italian says : "they take away the little job and houses we have", and he doesn't see all what the Troika is taking away and that the migrant themselves are victims and the consequence of the passage of African Natural resources (mainly oil and gas) in new hands. Check the average per capita income of Libyans before and after Qaddafi and then tell me who gained from a regime change in Libya.

The day after tomorrow, if and when the enormity of this massacre will emerge (by and large far more than the 6 millions killed by Hitler), someone will surely question how all this could happen in the general indifference, actually bordering with approval. This indifference is functional, for us, to the Business As Usual, exactly as for the Germans in Hitler's time it was essential to ignore the Holocaust in order to carry on with their daily lives.

The Extermination of Jews was a huge Ethnic Cleansing, as the World has known many before and after.
But the official historiography - the one in the school history books, the one written by the winners - presents this Ethnic Cleansing as "THE" Ethnic Cleansing, the all time worst, the Absolute Evil.
The winners of the WW II say: we have defeated The Absolute Evil, and don't even dare to discuss this.

However, with Hitler is was a great Evil who was defeated, but it was not the Worst Evil of all times, neither The Absolute Evil. Take Lampedusa, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, all the refugees camps in Lebanon for example. They are all Warsaw Ghettos, GeneralGouvernment, Exodus, Resettlement, Final Solution, Konzentrationslager, slaughter of the Intelligentsia.

Dedicated to those who lost their lives trying to cross the Sea.

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