Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book: The Spinoza Problem

I have rarely read such a deep, penetrating book... at the beginning the continuous jumping back and forth between the 2 characters of Spinoza and Rosenberg is a bit annoying, but after some time you get used. This book gives very good historical coverage of the Prosecution against the Jews in Portugal, the Jewish community in Amsterdam in the 17th century

One can only feel deep sympathy for the young Spinoza, confronted to some fanatic Jewish priests - and a community of bigot believers - who saw their power endangered by the vivid, critical and frank intelligence of this genius.

I have personally felt quite uninterested by the Rosenberg story, most Nazi ideologists were simply dumb mean sick people (I have read the autobiography of Rudolf Höss and it's just damn dumb and boring), and Rosenberg was just one more puppet in the hands of a much bigger, smart and powerful puppeteer....

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