Thursday, July 10, 2014

Israel bombing of Gaza: a very lame excuse

A few general meditations about the current destruction Israel is carrying out in a foreign country - in violation of all the possible international conventions.

*) 3 young Israelis are kidnapped by Palestinians on a road leading to a Settlement.
As far as I know all the roads to Settlements are strictly forbidden to Palestinians, apart the very few with a special permit. It should not be difficult to track them down and punish them.
What? 3 Israelis accepting to board a car driven by Palestinians? In an area where almost only Israeli people are driving by? That sound VERY weird.
A later version says that 2 of the kidnappers where Palestinians disguised as Jews. I think only a non-Jew could let himself fool into mistaking a Palestinian for a Traditional Jew, it's like for me to mistake a Norwegian for a Neapolitan... not for a split second... How many people can stay in a car, 5, the 3 kids and the 2 kidnappers.... so...

*) Minutes after the family receives a call from one of the boys, saying "we have been kidnapped".
Of course, nobody these days carries cell phones, how could the kidnappers think of searching the 3 boys for phones

*) in the phone call, 2 voices of the kidnappers are heard with strong Arabic accent, then shooting happens
of course, when the 3 kids boarded the car, the kidnappers were speaking perfect Hebrew without any accent...

*) despite the father reported to the police, they started acting only 3 hours later
Wait, Israel is spending zillions of dollars to bomb Gaza in retaliation, but when they were told they waited 3 hours to take into action? Mmmmmm..... And also, I am almost sure all the area is closely surveilled by satellite... are they searching for satellite images to detect who carried out the kidnapping?

*) The corpses of the 3 young Israelis are found the day after in Palestinian territory
As far as I know it's impossible to cross the border without being fully searched. Smuggling 3 corpses should be next to impossible.

More details are available here

I stop here... it's all really sad. I have full sympathy for Jews, but not for war criminals.

For those who like history, please read the event who brought to KristallNacht,  and tell me how different is what the Nazi did and what Israel is doing - a series of Pogroms against Palestinians.

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