Saturday, May 16, 2009

Unix Redhat quick tutorial

su - command makes you root within the root account shell

startx to start the X Window System graphical interface.

you have GNOME and KDE desktops

useradd to create a new user

passwd to change password

xpdf to view manuals in PDF

halt shutdown the computer

mount /mnt/floppy/
umount /mnt/floppy/
mount /mnt/cdrom

cd ~ goes to my home dir
cd ~otheruser goes to someone else's home dir

locate find a file

cat, less, more, head, tail
The main difference between more and less is that more only lets you move forward through a file and less lets you move backward and forward.

The command line history is actually kept in a file, called .bash_history in our login directory


/usr/share/doc Location of documentation for installed packages.

file tells you the type of a file

gzip, bzip2, or zip compression tools

/etc/fstab lists the mounts

/sbin/service nfs status verifies if the nfs service is running

/sbin/service --status-all display all services

/sbin/chkconfig checks services

lsof netstat nmap fuser let you view the open sockets

tcpdump arpwatch pcap ipwatch

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