Monday, June 15, 2009

HTTP Connection Refused on Weblogic Server

(from a LinkedIn discussion, just making the results public)

try the following:

netstat, lsof, traceroute, ping

telnet into the ip:port and type GET
check firewall
check exclusion list of a proxy
trace http session using wireshark or httpfox and see where does the http transaction gets stopped before reaching server

try also connecting from the same machine where the Server is running, that would rule out most networking/firewall issues - I believe. Simply opening a telnet client from the box itself and do the GET thing would be good enough.
Possibly, also, see if you can hack the config.xml and enable the debug flags concerning TCP-IP.
Also, from the server's log, during the startup phase try to identify something like:
network channel BLA started,
just to make sure your server is ACTUALLY listening on that port.

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