Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to install a Weblogic patch

in the CLI: -install -patchlist=98AI -prod_dir=C:\bea\home_WLS_922\weblogic92 -log=bsu.log -log_priority=trace

to do it with the GUI:

1 - Copy the content of the attached archive in your [BEA_HOME]/utils/bsu/cache_dir

2 - Launch the BSU with the bsu.cmd script, (PV: ou bien

3 - Select "Work Offline"

4 - Select your Weblogic 9.2 MP2 installation on the left column and click on the "Manage Patches" tab. Then click on the green arrow of the
Patch ID 98AI.

5 - Restart your server and the patch should now be applied.

6 - Ensure of course to install this patch on every machine that is hosting servers of your domain. Ensure also that all servers have been
restarted then.

to view all patches:

cd $BEA_HOME/utils/bsu
./ -view -status=applied -prod_dir=/opt/tuxedo/platform922/weblogic92

to install with command line interface: -install -patchlist=98AI -prod_dir=$BEA_HOME/weblogic92 -log=bsu.log


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Zakki you have done an excellent job! Kudos!