Monday, December 28, 2009

Session replication - a performance killer

watch out for values in  Weblogic.xml and application.xml (the global EAR settings override the WAR default settings which is "memory")

   PersistentStoreType   replicated_if_clustered
the values can be
  • memory—Disables persistent session storage.
  • file—Uses file-based persistence (See also PersistentStoreDir, above).
  • jdbc—Uses a database to store persistent sessions. (see also PersistentStorePool, above).
  • replicated—Same as memory, but session data is replicated across the clustered servers.
  • cookie—All session data is stored in a cookie in the user's browser.
  • replicated_if_clustered—If the Web application is deployed on a clustered server, the in-effect PersistentStoreType will be replicated. Otherwise, memory is the default.

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