Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eclipse sucks

Well, let's say it could be more reliable.

I have a EJB Project, where I depend on some libraries developed by a colleague.
My colleague changes package of class from a.b.MyClass to acme.a.b.MyClass and gives me the new libraries.
I correct my code, do a clean build, export the EAR and deploy. At activation, I get a ClassNotFoundException a.b.MyClass.   WTF??? I am sure I have refactored everything!

I shutdown Eclipse and restart... I repeat the clean build, I delete the tmp, stage and cache directories on the WebLogic server, I even create a new domain.... always the same problem.

At last, I create a new EJB project and copy into it the EJB classes. This time it works.

So my guess it that even a CLEAN build doesn't really clean everything...
the message is: when you see something weird in Eclipse, don't think of something wrong that YOU might have done.... think first that Eclipse might be playing some trick on you.

I am seriously wishing that Oracle embraces NetBeans.... in a previous life I have used IntelliJ Idea, never been happier.

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