Sunday, August 12, 2012

WLST: difference between SystemResources and JMSSystemResources

I have created a JMS Module "GM_CommonOsbJMSModule", and if I do

cd GM_CommonOsbJMSModule

I can see it contains pretty much all the possible resources I can create in a Module:

ls /SystemResources/GM_CommonOsbJMSModule/JMSResource/GM_CommonOsbJMSModule

dr-- ConnectionFactories
dr-- DestinationKeys
dr-- DistributedQueues
dr-- DistributedTopics
dr-- ForeignServers
dr-- Queues
dr-- Quotas
dr-- SAFErrorHandlings
dr-- SAFImportedDestinations
dr-- SAFRemoteContexts
dr-- Templates
dr-- Topics
dr-- UniformDistributedQueues
dr-- UniformDistributedTopics

also if I do

cd /SystemResources/GM_CommonOsbJMSModule/Resource/GM_CommonOsbJMSModule

I get the same tree

The funny thing is that if I do:
cd /JMSSystemResources/GM_CommonOsbJMSModule/JMSResource/GM_CommonOsbJMSModule

I get very much the same picture... confusing... I don't quite like this...maybe I am simply stupid...

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