Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Arctic Ice Collapse 2012

Unless you live on the moon or in a cave - or you follow only mainstream media, which is equivalent to living in a Disneyland world of delusional fantasies and lies - you must have heard that the Arctic ice cap is collapsing at accelerated speed.

This can only mean one thing: this Planet will never be as before. Climate change will grow at exponential speed, due to the cumulative positive effect of the lack of albedo (reflectivity) of the Pole ice, the emission of Siberian methane etc.

Even if one refuses to acknowledge reality and seek refuge in a world of geekiness, reality will knock at our door: desertification, crop failures, floods, collapse of megapolis will be the result. If you add the coming oil crisis, with the supply of crude oil cut progressively to all secondary members of the Global Empire, and you have a recipe for a Perfect Storm.

Personally, I have no plan to escape, no island where to seek refuge. I will probably be washed away like the 95% of humanity. I am old, I am not afraid of death. I only pity those who are young today, they came onboard a doomed planet. Stupidity and greed doomed this planet.

I always refused to own a car, I have lived a very simple non consumeristic lifestyle, but even this way I have probably consumed 20 times more energy (=CO2) than my grand father... just fly once, and it's like the energy that in 1800 one person yould have consumed in a lifetime...

We shall go back to a middle age lifestyle, but with a deeply devastated ecosystem, unable to support the amount of life that was possible in the 1300.

The descent in the Maelstrom will not be fun. But you are not alone, in fact we are all in the same boat, Planet Earth.

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