Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rotating weblogic stdout file

taking some notes here:
see also Oracle document ID 827438.1 "How to rotate .out ( stdout) log file in weblogic 9.2 (solaris/linux)"

Default location of the file is <domain_name>/servers/<server_name>/logs/server_name.out

The answer is "WebLogic Server cannot set this file to another location than the default. But you can use "symbolic link" on Linux OS to realize this function"

There is a script file declaring a variable OutFile.
A consultant tried to change it but the server started in FAILED mode.

See also:

By default Weblogic wont have options to rotate the *.out file, If you are running in unix or Linux boxes, you can add the following snippet

under /etc/logrotate.conf file append a function to handle *.out files

<<Location of logs directory>>/*.out {

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