Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wikilosers, get a life

From Urban Dictionary: "Wiki-loser: a loser with too much time on their hands spending that time at the wikipedia editing pages and making changes to fit their own personal philosophy"

Once more I have posted on the Italian Wikipedia some original historical content - written by my father and published on another site. Of course my father gave me the authorization.

The content was immediately removed without further ado, and I got a scorching reprimand from one of the Wikipedantic Big Brothers watchdogs.

I promise I will never touch again the Wikipedia. There is so much censorship and negativity, with all these beta males lonely geeks marauding the site in search of a victim to club to a bleeding pulp. So sad. You don't find that kind of negative greyholes on sites like or Oracle Forums, which are much more fostering and helping communities.

First came the Genius creator, the inspired revolutionary
Then came the Apostles
Then hordes of followers in search of a new way of life, of a Brave New World
Then the priests, the cardinals, the Popes
Then the hatred to the homosexual, the jew, the communist, the women
Then the Inquisition, the collaboration with Fascism and Dictatorship, the control from Secret Services

Wikipedia is like the Catholic Church.

(a few days later: Wikipedia Italy has effectively permanently blocked my account. I am very proud for having been banned from a Stalinist Party. Italy is a failed country and you can see it also from the lack of freedom and mutual respect in it)

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