Saturday, November 23, 2013

OSB: Publish WSDL to UDDI

In OSB11 (Eclipse 3.5.3) if you right click on a WSDL you get
Web Services / Publish WSDL File

You choose "Publish this Web Service to the Unit Test UDDI Registry.

If you have not registered any UDDI Registry, you get this error message:

IWAB0363E No UDDI registry available

Do solve the problem, go to

there is a 3.0.2,
download it, unzip it, deploy juddiv3-war-3.0.2.war to WebLogic.

in Eclipse do New , Other, enter UDDI and select "UDDI Registry".
You must create it inside a Oracle Service Bus Configuration project.

On Java side, you can use  UDDI4J to invoke the UDDI services.

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