Saturday, December 7, 2013

Getting started with Spring UI MVC, a basic WebApplication "download and play"

Something that literally runs me crazy is when you must spend one hour just to setup the basics just to be able to start working with a new product. Need to download a dozen files, manually hack a few XML... just to do a basic Hello World. So aggravating.

Existing tutorials also do their best to flood you with words and giving you only fragmentary instructions on how to get started.

In reality, nothing is more educational than having a ready environment to start playing with the product. Just give me that sandbox, a link to the documentation and shut up.

Here for instance there are instructions on how to get started with Spring Source Tooolkit.

Here is a "download and play" Eclipse project. All you need is to install Maven and create the Eclipse variable MVN_REPO to point to your Maven repository, then open a prompt in the Project's root folder and type "mvn package". Have fun.

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