Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book: We Are the Romani People

This is an excellent book from a erudite Linguistics Romani (Gipsy) scholar, telling whatever can be reasonably told about the origin of the Romani people, the evolution of their language, the horrific history of slavery, pogroms, porrajmos (Nazi killed at least 1 million Romani, but since they don't have a powerful financial lobby in NY, you'll never hear about that, and they never got neither a compensation nor a "Promised Land" stolen from its previous occupants), expulsion, prosecutions, discrimination etc.

It also narrates the attempts made to form a Romani Nation, and even to get some land to settle permanently (grotesque the request made to Mussolini to get part of Somalia....grotesque? I think another Nation got some land in 1948, and not many people found it grotesque...)

Once you read this book you will really get a better grasp of this great civilization of artists, merchants, traders whose history is so similar to the Jews

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