Friday, September 18, 2015

jmap and userid

Reading on StackOverflow some people report issues when you take a heap profiling with jmap (jmap -dump or jmap -histo... NOT with jmap -heap) using root rather than actual user who started the JVM process.
Specifically you might get a:
/cs/java/jdk160_85-64b/bin/jmap -F -dump:format=b,file=/tmp/PIPPOheapdump20150918.hdump 10166
10166: Unable to open socket file: target process not responding or HotSpot VM not loaded
The -F option can be used when the target process is not responding
At this point you do a ps -ef to find out who started that JVM.... and you get a NUMBER (uid) rather than a username...!!! unfortunately you cant "sudo su - ".... so you must do a reverse lookup of the UID...using the "getent passwd UID" command:

id jcqpc
uid=5010012(jcqpc) gid=5008728(jcqpc) groups=5008728(jcqpc)

getent passwd 5010012
jcqpc:x:5010012:5008728:Created by CentrifyEx Automation:/home/jcqpc:/bin/centrifyda

One would expect "id" to be able to do the reverse lookup, but this would be too easy.

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