Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Maven deploy-file for batch upload

Unfortunately in the Nexus 3.5 and 3.6 version there is no batch upload of artifacts (in Nexus 2.X it was much easier: just rsync your Maven repo and "rebuild index"

git clone

git clone

I start nexus with

sample command:

mvn -e -X deploy:deploy-file -q -DpomFile=/home/centos/myrepo/org/vafer/jdependency/1.1/jdependency-1.1.pom -Dfile=/home/centos/myrepo/org/vafer/jdependency/1.1/jdependency-1.1.jar -DrepositoryId=nexus -Durl=http://localhost:8081/repository/maven-releases/ -Dpackaging=jar

maven's settings.xml should contain


If you get "ReasonPhrase: Repository does not allow updating assets: maven-releases." , make sure you set "allow redeploy" in the Deployment policy"

If you get "Cannot deploy artifact from the local repository:" it's because your source file is inside the .m2/repository folder - which is forbidden

See Sonatype help on this topic

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