Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jenkins Pipeline and OWASP dependency check

a) in Jenkins, configure a M3 instance in your "Global Tools" configuration section

b) make sure you have installed the OWASP dependency check plugin

c) create a Pipeline Jenkins project, name "owasptest", and simply paste this pipeline (it's a copy from the sample built-in "github and maven" pipeline):

node {
   def mvnHome
   stage('Preparation') { // for display purposes
      // Get some code from a GitHub repository
      git ''
      // Get the Maven tool.
      // ** NOTE: This 'M3' Maven tool must be configured
      // **       in the global configuration.           
      mvnHome = tool 'M3'
   stage('Build') {
      // Run the maven build
      if (isUnix()) {
         sh "'${mvnHome}/bin/mvn' -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore clean package"
      } else {
         bat(/"${mvnHome}\bin\mvn" -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore clean package/)
   stage('Results') {
      junit '**/target/surefire-reports/TEST-*.xml'
      archive 'target/*.jar'
     stage("Dependency Check") {
    dependencyCheckAnalyzer datadir: 'dependency-check-data', isFailOnErrorDisabled: true, hintsFile: '', includeCsvReports: false, includeHtmlReports: false, includeJsonReports: false, isAutoupdateDisabled: false, outdir: '', scanpath: '', skipOnScmChange: false, skipOnUpstreamChange: false, suppressionFile: '', zipExtensions: ''

    dependencyCheckPublisher canComputeNew: false, defaultEncoding: '', healthy: '', pattern: '', unHealthy: ''

    archiveArtifacts allowEmptyArchive: true, artifacts: '**/dependency-check-report.xml', onlyIfSuccessful: true

and leave "Use Groovy Sandbox" checked

Building jar: /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest/target/simple-maven-project-with-tests-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

[DependencyCheck] Executing Dependency-Check with the following options:
[DependencyCheck] -name = owasptest
[DependencyCheck] -scanPath = /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest
[DependencyCheck] -outputDirectory = /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest
[DependencyCheck] -dataDirectory = /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest/dependency-check-data
[DependencyCheck] -dataMirroringType = none
[DependencyCheck] -isQuickQueryTimestampEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -jarAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -nodePackageAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -nspAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -composerLockAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -pythonDistributionAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -pythonPackageAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -rubyBundlerAuditAnalyzerEnabled = false
[DependencyCheck] -rubyGemAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -cocoaPodsAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -swiftPackageManagerAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -archiveAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -assemblyAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -centralAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -nuspecAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -nexusAnalyzerEnabled = false
[DependencyCheck] -autoconfAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -cmakeAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -opensslAnalyzerEnabled = true
[DependencyCheck] -showEvidence = true
[DependencyCheck] -formats = XML
[DependencyCheck] -autoUpdate = true
[DependencyCheck] -updateOnly = false
[DependencyCheck] Data directory created
[DependencyCheck] Scanning: /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest
[DependencyCheck] Analyzing Dependencies

[Pipeline] dependencyCheckPublisher

[DependencyCheck] Collecting Dependency-Check analysis files...
[DependencyCheck] Searching for all files in /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest that match the pattern **/dependency-check-report.xml
[DependencyCheck] Parsing 1 file in /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest
[DependencyCheck] Successfully parsed file /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest/dependency-check-report.xml with 0 unique warnings and 0 duplicates.

At this point you can view the report in http://localhost:9090/job/owasptest/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/dependency-check-report.xml

To get interesting result you should use

At the end, a monster DB (330 MB) is built at /home/centos/.jenkins/workspace/owasptest/dependency-check-data/dc.h2.db
To learn mode about this DB, read here
and here


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