Friday, September 14, 2018

NordVPN programmatic API

'address': '/user/address',
'config': '/files/zipv2',
'nameserver': '/dns/smart',
'server': '/server',
'stats': '/server/stats',
'user': '/user/databytoken'

list of all NordVPN servers:

id 98288
ip_address ""
search_keywords []
categories […]
name "Indonesia #2"
domain ""
price 0
flag "ID"
country "Indonesia"
lat -6.174444
long 106.829444
load 55
ikev2 true
openvpn_udp true
openvpn_tcp true
socks true
proxy true
pptp false
l2tp false
openvpn_xor_udp false
openvpn_xor_tcp false
proxy_cybersec true
proxy_ssl true
proxy_ssl_cybersec true

return my current IP downloads a file (some 20 MB) full of .ovpn files, for each server, with PKI key to connect to the server returns a list of IPs, probably of the NordVPN dns server here you find how to login into API :

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