Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Jenkins enable project based security

Sometimes you share a Jenkins instance amongst several projects (IMHO this is bad practice, each project should have its own Jenkins to minimize interference)

This is how to do it (copied from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32111825/jenkins-how-to-set-authorization-on-project-basis )

a) make sure Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin is installed (Manage Jenkins/Manage Plugins/Installed Plugins)

b) "Manage Jenkins", "Configure Global Security", add the target user to the "Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy ",
add the target user with permissions "Overall/Read and Job/Read"

c) on the main page, select the target project, "Enable project-based security", add the target user and on the right, click on the "grant all permissions" button

at this point the user has login and can administer the target project, but only view other projects.

Jenkins would be a much better tool if all these configuration operations could be easily scriptable. Nowadays it's just a huge clickodrome and very awkward to manage, you have to wade through zillion of configuration pages and unless you are really experienced it's sometimes frustrating ... you don't even have a "search" functionality for configuration options, you have to remember all locations by heart...

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