Saturday, July 13, 2019

Book: Spring Microservices in Action

This is a brilliantly written book.

Microservice Architecture


Flexible, Resilient, Scalable

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, FaaS, CaaS

Client-side load balancing, Circuit breaker, Fallback, Bulkhead

Log correlation. Log aggregation. Microservice tracing

Spring Cloud:
Netflix Eureka (discovery), Zuul (routing), Ribbon (LN), Hystrix (Circuit Breaker), Sleuth/Uipkin (logging, tracing, aggregation), Oauth2/JWT Spring Security JavaScript Web Token

Hystrix proxies all RestTemplate. calls to add timeout. Ribbon also injects RestTemplate with all available service instances for LB and FO

to expose a bean there are 2 ways:
either one of @Component, @Service, @Repository
or @Configuration + @Bean

Apache Thrift, Apache Avro

12 factor apps: codebase in git, dependencies in maven, config in separate files, backing services (DB etc) cloud-ready,
immutable builds, stateless processes, port binding, horizontal scaling, disposable services, dev=prod, streamable logs (splunk, fluentd), scripted admin tasks.

Actuator health check.

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