Saturday, August 21, 2010

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

I am reading the book, it's extremely interesting and a must for any IT specialist. It focuses on concepts rather than specific products, although it does mention best-of-the-breed products for each thing. The technical level is very high, these people talk out of a huge field experience.

Yet I feel that some repetition could have been avoided, they repeat at least 30 times that "manual steps are bad bad bad", ok, I got the concept, no need to repeat it so often.

This post is really great, and summarizes the entire book.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your review. You're quite right about the repetition - as we say in the preface, "We recognize that not everyone will want to read this book from end to end. We have written it so that once you have covered the introduction, you can attack it in several different ways. This has involved a certain amount of repetition, but hopefully not at a level that becomes tedious if you do decide to read it cover-to-cover." - clearly for you it has become tedious, for which I am sorry.

My guess is that you find the examples trivial and evident because you haven't got to part 3 yet and because you're pretty experienced. We wanted to make a book that took it from first principles so that even junior developers could understand how to do this stuff - so earlier on in the book, the examples are geared towards making the basic principles clear. I would expect someone like you to find them a bit basic.

Also, both me and my co-author are British - make of that what you will ;-)


vernetto said...

in fact progressing in the book the technical level becomes breath-taking, it's only at the beginning that it's divulging and evangelizing, after comes the real stuff.