Saturday, August 28, 2010


I found this wonderful script (thank you to my Indian friends for sharing)

This post

again maintained by an Indian, explains how to create a userconfig file

East or West, India is the best :o)

To make a long story short:
connect('${wlusername}', '${wlpw}', 't3://${wlhostname}:${port}')
storeUserConfig('',  '')

you get a lovely warning:

Creating the key file can reduce the security of your system if it is not kept in a secured location after it is created. Do you want to create the key file? y or n

and a lovely confirmation:

The username and password that were used for this WebLogic Server connection are stored in and


After that, you can connect by doing this:


Remember that to explore the JMSDestinationRuntime you must connect to the MS, not to the Admin:

connect('bla', 'bla', 't3://hostname:port_of_ms')

jmsdestlist = home.getMBeansByType('JMSDestinationRuntime')

if you want to navigate to them, you should do:

print cmo.getMessagesCurrentCount()

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Thankyou very much for your refernce comment on my blog.